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Re: How to create root account to own /var/empty for ssh?

Marco Atzeri wrote:

usage: ssh-host-config [OPTION]...

long time I am not reconfiguring the sshd server, but
ssh-host-config should propose by default the user separation
and propose the creation of cyg_server user for that scope.
   Ah... I didn't run that ... just sorta ran it and used
a certificate to log in as myself -- same as works w/rsh(localhost).
It seems to work for the currently logged in user, but I suspect
I'd need to run the above config routine to enable it for
logging in when there isn't already an active session.
   The part that is bugging me is that the new sshd seems to
require /var/empty to be owned and only writable as root, which
the previous sshd didn't require (it just runs).

   That's why I was trying to figure out how to have /var/empty
owned by 'root' on a OS that doesn't have a UID=0(root), as it
didn't seem to accept ownership by "Administrator" as the same

   Thanks for reminding me of the config option.  I was hoping
just to use it, (for now anyway) the same as before -- where it
works if I login as the currently log'd in user (AFAIKT -- seems
to have the same drive mappings as me; if I try a different user,
it doesn't work -- but that's where I'd suspect I'd need to run
the config script. Hmmm...

   Maybe will end up doing that, but sorta would like to also
know why it thinks /var/empty must be owned by root and how it
expects me to do that.  *sigh*.


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