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Cygwin sudden slow down

First I would like to address that I don't have much experience with this program, or programming language in general.
I have searched the solution for this problem in many addresses, including a post on Stack Overflow, Super User and Unix & Linux Stack Exchange.
There, I was advised to take this problem to the Cygwin mailing list.
I hope I'm not mistaken on the assumption that this specific problem has not been discussed before, or at least not in enough detail for me to be able to fix it.
I use Windows 10 64 bit and have been using Cygwin for about 6 months with little to no problems. I use it only to run a program called UPAK to analyze gamma ray spectra. I had downloaded various packages including Cygwin/X from Setup.exe.
However, recently, Cygwin suddenly became abysmally slow. I also could not open Display with Cygwin/X anymore.
Setup.exe is also affected. It took an entire night to get past "Running... 0/Perpetual". The same problem happened even when I removed the cygwin folder entirely from my PC (and stored it in an external hard drive).
I attempted installing it in a different directory than C: (on a folder on my desktop), also attempted a different mirror, while also deleting the previous package tree from the mirror, to no avail.
The only solution I found was when I entered Safe mode after downloading the packages, then installed it. This time, the installation went fast again, like normal.
I was told to run "/bin/bash -x /etc/postinstall/" to test how fast cygwin was. In annex is "log1.txt" with the result.
All of the entries starting with "/bin/test -h /dev/" took many seconds to complete.
I also used "/bin/tail -f /var/log/setup.log.full" in a dash.exe during the lengthy installation to monitor what happened. The results are in "log2.txt".
I am aware of the possibility of BLODA interfering with Cygwin, so I uninstalled every anti-virus and similar program listed on the Cygwin FAQ section 4.44, aside from NVIDIA GeForce that I am aware of.
I also created an exception to Windows Defender for the folders containing cygwin, the setup and the package tree from the mirror.
In this new installation I didn't yet install anything besides the default cygwin files, but on my old one I have the logs from: "/var/log/xwin/XWin.0.log" and "/var/log/xwin/Xwin.1.log" because one of my attempts to make it work was opening another a second server. These are stored in "log3.txt" and "log4.txt" respectively.
I also previously attempted to reinstall X11 files from Setup.exe, which also didn't work.
Please notify me if there is any other information that would be important to solving this problem, and again, I'm sorry if this is not the first time this problem happened, I did not find a solution anywhere.
Thank you in advance,

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