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Re: Can't sign with gpg2 using pinentry-curses

On 7/6/2017 4:27 PM, Ken Brown wrote:
When I try to sign a file using gpg2 in a mintty or xterm terminal (e.g., 'gpg2 -bs foo'), a dialogue box is drawn in the terminal, but I can't figure out how to enter my passphrase. Anything I type is just echoed at the bottom of the screen, regardless of what I do with the mouse. If I type Ctrl-C, the bash prompt returns but the pinentry-curses process keeps running for a while.

If I install pinentry-gnome3, then 'gpg2 -bs' works fine when run from an xterm window; a dialogue box pops up and I can enter the passphrase.

For a solution outside of X11, it looks like pinentry-w32 will do the job. But simply installing that package isn't enough, because the script /usr/bin/pinentry never calls pinentry-w32.exe.

As a workaround, I moved /usr/bin/pinentry out of the way and created a symlink

  /usr/bin/pinentry -> pinentry-w32.exe

With this, gpg2 -bs works, although I still get the annoying message

  gpg: selecting openpgp failed: No such device


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