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Re: terminal program tty error problem

On 2017-07-07 00:49, Michael Jun wrote:
> On Friday, July 07, 2017 12:30 PM, Michael Jun wrote:
> When I invoke system terminal programs from gnome/openbox desktop menu, 
> most of them including gnome-terminal produce the following message.
> Warning: no access to tty (Inappropriate ioctl for device).
> Thus no job control in this shell.
> QTerminal and KConsole does not have this symptom.
> What does cause this message and may be cured?
>> Some information has been missed.
>> The "no access to tty" warning message is produced when login shell is
>> tcsh (csh) only. bash shell does not produce the warning message.
>> For tcsh login shell case, QTerminal and KConsole do not have this "no
>> access to tty" problem. But other terminal programs do have this problem.

Check commands issued in your login and Xwindows startup scripts are appropriate
for tcsh e.g. supported redirections, and do not depend on a tty e.g.
if (-t [012]) stty...

Warning: no access to tty (Inappropriate ioctl for device).
Thus no job control in this shell.

Class: Mostly harmless. X11 launches an interactive shell behind the scenes to
run your client startup file (.xinitrc). This was done so that you don't have to
add statements to set up PATH in that file. Some shells complain that they're
not connected to a real terminal, but that can be ignored since that shell
instance is not used for anything that requires job control or the like.

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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