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Re: Request to the git maintainer

On 7/11/2017 8:34 AM, Eliot Moss wrote:
On 7/10/2017 10:33 PM, Brian Inglis wrote:
On 2017-07-10 20:00, Eliot Moss wrote:
Backup processes should run with SeBackupPrivilege.

Reasonable.  CrashPlan runs using SYSTEM access.  I
will try adding SYSTEM to the BackupOperators group,
which presumably has SeBackupPrivilege (and
SeRestorePrivilege).  I am not sure how else to approach
granting suitable privilege to this program.

Normally (a) backup/restore account(s) with backup/restore GPOs.
Failing that, registry tweaks, which should be set up by your backup package

Thank you, Brian - I was aware of that page.  It says that the SYSTEM user
needs access to the files.  I have normally set up so that my cygwin tree
is granted SYSTEM read access all the way down.  /usr/share/locale does
not seem to obey that, which I will inspect more deeply.  Meanwhile, I am
still seeing if adding SYSTEM to BackupOperators is helpful ...

The answer to the latter question is no, so, I applied these changes to
my /usr hierarchy (32 and 64 bit):

  setfacl -m group:SYSTEM:r-x
  setfacl -m default:group:SYSTEM:r-x
  chgrp Cygwin
  chmod g+s

  setfacl -m group:SYSTEM:r-x
  chgrp Cygwin

The chgrp and chmod are not the more necessary parts, but they tend to
help Cygwin tools run ore smoothly.  (Cygwin is the name of a group I
set up for Cygwin things; of course I am a member of that group.)  The
setfacl SYSTEM settings are what is crucial for CrashPlan.

Meanwhile, I still claim that 600 mode for .mo files is strange :-) ...

Regards - EM

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