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[ANNOUNCEMENT] calligra 2.9.11-4

The following packages have been uploaded to the Cygwin distribution:

* calligra-libs-2.9.11-4
* calligra-data-2.9.11-4
* calligra-devel-2.9.11-4
* calligra-flow-2.9.11-4
* calligra-plan-2.9.11-4
* calligra-sheets-2.9.11-4
* calligra-stage-2.9.11-4
* calligra-tools-2.9.11-4
* calligra-words-2.9.11-4
* karbon-2.9.11-4
* calligra-l10n-bs-2.9.11-2
* calligra-l10n-ca-2.9.11-2
* calligra-l10n-ca-valencia-2.9.11-2
* calligra-l10n-cs-2.9.11-2
* calligra-l10n-da-2.9.11-2
* calligra-l10n-de-2.9.11-2
* calligra-l10n-el-2.9.11-2
* calligra-l10n-en_GB-2.9.11-2
* calligra-l10n-es-2.9.11-2
* calligra-l10n-et-2.9.11-2
* calligra-l10n-fi-2.9.11-2
* calligra-l10n-fr-2.9.11-2
* calligra-l10n-gl-2.9.11-2
* calligra-l10n-hu-2.9.11-2
* calligra-l10n-it-2.9.11-2
* calligra-l10n-ja-2.9.11-2
* calligra-l10n-kk-2.9.11-2
* calligra-l10n-nb-2.9.11-2
* calligra-l10n-nl-2.9.11-2
* calligra-l10n-pl-2.9.11-2
* calligra-l10n-pt-2.9.11-2
* calligra-l10n-pt_BR-2.9.11-2
* calligra-l10n-ru-2.9.11-2
* calligra-l10n-sk-2.9.11-2
* calligra-l10n-sv-2.9.11-2
* calligra-l10n-tr-2.9.11-2
* calligra-l10n-uk-2.9.11-2
* calligra-l10n-zh_CN-2.9.11-2
* calligra-l10n-zh_TW-2.9.11-2

Calligra Suite is a set of productivity applications for the KDE desktop.

This is the next step in the transition to a KF5-based Calligra:

* Braindump has been dropped upstream due to lack of maintenance, and
is not expected to return;

* Kexi is now shipped separately;

* The Okular support for office document formats has been disabled until 
the upgrade to the KF5-based Calligra 3, as Okular is now KF5-based.

* The corresponding parts of the language packs have been removed.


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