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Re: Please create bitcoin address for donations

Hi Dmitry,

The official details for donations are at There's no central Cygwin donation
pot, but some of the significant maintainers accept donations in an
individual capacity, albeit only in their relevant fiat currencies

That said, I'm willing to receive BTC, convert it into the relevant
fiat currencies, and submit it on your/anyone's behalf. Obviously you
don't have any guarantee that I'm not going to run off with your
money, but the option's there if you want it.

For that purpose, use 1QvsXQBoMrJW4ajS73A94XARb982H9rgA. Either let me
know how you want the BTC divided between the various maintainers,
else I'll default to splitting it as best I can evenly between the
folk listed on the donations page.

(Obviously anyone who contributes to the project and wants to offer
their own Bitcoin address to receive donations is entirely welcome to
do so. Heck, if anyone wants to throw money at me, I'm definitely not
going to turn it down, although my contributions to the project are
dwarfed by those listed on the donations page.)


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