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Re: Removing Git dependency on Perl [Was: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: Git v2.13.2-2]

On Fri, 21 Jul 2017 11:11:41, Adam Dinwoodie wrote:
Hmm.  I'm struggling to work out what's appropriate here.  I'd be
entirely happy splitting off the `git archimport` command to a separate
package if there were something to gain there, but I'm very wary of
splitting `git add -p` and friends off: I think that's liable to cause
considerable confusion for people who use those commands and who would
probably not expect to need a separate package for them.

I'm experimenting with what this would look like now, but if you can
find and point me at some other platform's Git distribution that also
separates out `git-add--interactive`, so I can see how they've handled
this situation, that would potentially be very useful.

Good points. We might need to just leave it alone for the time being:

1. One person has already spoken up in this thread against it:

2. Debian Git still requires it:

3. git-add--interactive.perl is still being worked on, 14 commits this year:

So until they rewrite it in C, we might need to just keep things the way they
are. I dont use it with my workflow, so its a shame to pull in Perl for a single
file that I do not use, but I get the arguments against.

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