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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: libreadline7-7.0.3-3

On Fri, 28 Jul 2017 06:41:08, Eric Blake wrote:
As in /etc/defaults/Cygwin.bat installed by the base-files package?

As in "C:\cygwin64\Cygwin.bat" that can be found after a regular install of

It's short:

@echo off
setlocal enableextensions
set TERM=3D
cd /d "%~dp0bin" && .\bash --login -i

Uh, no? Mine looks like this. Again this is the file installed by Cygwin, not
something I have home brewed:

   @echo off
   chdir C:\cygwin64\bin
   bash --login -i

so if you are already in a cmd window, and typing cygwin.bat, then it is
the same as if you are directly starting bash from cmd.

I am not doing this, I am just using Windows explorer to go to "C:\cygwin64",
then double clicking "Cygwin.bat"

By the way, I didn't know cygwin.bat was still around (I had to go
hunting for it).  Ages ago, that use to be the target of the shortcut
installed to the desktop, but we switched quite a while ago to having
the target point directly to mintty instead of the .bat file (since
mintty is a LOT friendlier than running inside cmd).

I dont want mintty. As you know mintty adds another "layer" to the situation,
another process. If I was using mintty I would not have discovered this problem
in the first place. Some might say good, but no. It is important that even
launching Cygwin via Cygwin.bat/bash.exe works in a sane manner; and that it not
sacrifice features that even cmd.exe has, which is the current situation.

Also, what does '' say prior to you executing cygwin.bat

Prior to "Cygwin.bat", it says 65001, because I feel that is the proper default
for Windows. I set it like this:

   REG ADD 'HKCU\Console' /v CodePage /t REG_DWORD /d 65001 /f

are you then trying to call WHILE bash is running? I have no idea if
cygwin is even aware/amenable of live code page changes while running inside a
cmd window

Yes, However I do not think this is germain to the conversation, as I have found
you can change it "live" without issue.

Making me chase URLs doesn't help as much as a single mail, with a
step-by-step reproduction of what you did vs. what you expected, so that
I can refer to a single window rather than multiple browser tabs when
trying to follow those same steps.

Cmon man, give me a break here, I am trying. I have been posting on this issue
for months, and Id rather not keep regurgitation the same stuff over and over.
At any rate, here is the text from that link,

   $ 65001
   Active code page: 65001

- Alt 148 outputs nothing
- Alt 0246 outputs nothing
- Pasting this character does not work

   $ 437
   Active code page: 437

- Alt 148 works
- Alt 0246 works
- Pasting works

and here is why 65001 is needed at all:

   $ cat omega.c
   #include <stdio.h>
   int main() {

   $ x86_64-pc-cygwin-gcc -o cygwin.exe omega.c
   $ x86_64-w64-mingw32-gcc -o mingw32.exe omega.c
   $ 65001
   Active code page: 65001

   $ ./cygwin.exe

   $ ./mingw32.exe

   $ 437
   Active code page: 437

   $ ./cygwin.exe

   $ ./mingw32.exe

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