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Re: python2-docutils (0.13.1-2 version) missing scripts

On 7/28/2017 7:55 PM, Daniel Fort wrote:
Seems like a pay Peter to pay Paul situation. I was hesitant to use
python3-docutils but it turns out that it doesn't force you into
python3. Why not just do a python-docutils package to avoid confusion?
Aren't they just scripts that can run under either version of python?

The scripts from python3-docutils have a shebang line that specifies python3. If you invoke them by name (as opposed to 'python <script name>'), they will be run by python3. It would be possible to package both versions by including the python version as part of the name, as is done with easy_install-2.7 and easy_install-3.6, for a good reason. But I'm not aware of any such good reason to go to that trouble for the docutils scripts.

See for a detailed discussion of how this issue is handled by Fedora. In particular:

"If the executables provide the same functionality independent of whether they are run on top of Python 2 or Python 3, then only the Python 3 version of the executable should be packaged. Transitioning from python2 to python3 is left to individual package maintainers...."


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