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Re: gawk 4.1.4: CR separate char for CRLF files

Vermessung AVT - Wolfgang Rieger writes:

> 5) You can always find a better way to do things, of course, I won't
> argue about that. Sometimes we thought about switching to Java or php
> or python or whatever. Maybe, we should. But we have a lot of running
> scripts, massive batch and parallel processing, and cmd.exe with
> minimum Cygwin (no X subsystem, no pile of tools, just a tiny
> installation) has worked great for many years - so why not use it?
> Just because it is not intended to use it that way?

Just because it is not intended to use it that way, yes, that is the
reason not to do it.  Just because it works now doesn't mean that it
will continue to work and you put yourself in jeopardy if you ever
update your software.  With your use of cmd.exe instead of a Cygwin
shell also puts you at risk of not being able to execute your scripts.
While Cygwin doesn't intentionally cause its binaries to not execute
outside of Cygwin support for those binaries is only supported if the
problems exist within the Cygwin shell as well.  So if an executable
provides expected results in bash but not in cmd, you lose.

cyg Simple

P.S.: You need to learn how to use a proper mail client and respond to
this list appropriately.  I had to "edit as new" and hand edit the mail
just to get proper quoting.

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