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Re: missing poppler and openjpeg packages on mirrors

On 17/08/2017 17:31, Brian Inglis wrote:
On 2017-08-17 07:35, Jon Turney wrote:
On 17/08/2017 02:46, Eric Blake wrote:
On 08/16/2017 05:56 PM, Isaac Hanson wrote:
It seems that some packages have recently gone missing from many
cygwin mirrors.  Specifically, I have noticed all the poppler and
openjpeg packages are gone, while still in the setup.ini and
dependencies of other packages.

setup.exe reports "HTTP status 404 fetching" and lists the URL to the
package, for example,

Any help would be appreciated.

As posted earlier on the list: is having some fallout from a hardware upgrade (see [1]).

Some things got restored from backup.  Work is ongoing.


Thanks for pointing this out.

I've restored x86_64/poppler and openjpeg from backup, so they should mirror out

I'm working on identifying anything else that's gone missing, but please point
out anything else you notice...

Um, I guess I meant to write "anything else you notice is missing"...

x86/setup.* x86/*.sum still showing as of the 10th on Canadian mirrors including
unadvertised mirrors and release/package directories updated after expat vary,
also between x86 and x86_64.

Anyhow, everything should now be back in place and up to date, once the mirrors catch up. does not include -announce, -apps, -patches.

I think this is just a static html page, and I don't think it ever did mention those lists, see:

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