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Re: Errors on installing additional packages


Thanks for the answers to my questions and in general the work with Cygwin.
Sorry for the late answer and if this message is not correctly sorted in the right thread. I subscribed to the after sending my first message and recognizing that I don´t get the answers per mail. Thus I cannot answer directly to them.

I installed the new version on a local disc and there it works. Thus, it seems that the ACLs cause the problems. Are there any changes in the newer versions of the setup.exe regarding the ACLs? I am not aware that anything on the network share has changed and I have used it for several Cygwin versions in the past. 
Using a network share has the big advantage, that it can be used from any user with the appropriate permissions on any computer in the company reducing the administration effort a lot, e.g. for GIMP, software for crystallographie, some useful shell or perl scripts, etc.
As the installed version on the network share works (only setup.exe does not install new packages) , I will try to sync that installation with the local one.

Best regards,
Michael Blaesse

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