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Re: REVISITED: Signal delivered while blocked

On Aug 16 23:22, Houder wrote:
> Hi,
> Please read this post first:
>     ( Signal delivered while blocked -- by Noah Misch, August 4th 2017 )
> This post is not intended to "hijack" the post by Noah Misch; this post only
> ships an alternative (i.e. revised) testcase for the one by provided by Noah
> Misch.
> The alternative testcase in fact consists of 2 testcases (2 files):
>  1. sigprocmask-exclusion4.c
>  2. sigprocmask-exclusion5.c

Thanks for the testcases.  This is still a pretty tricky problem and a
few hours of debugging haven't shown anything conclusive.  The signal
code was my former co-maintainer's domain, so I'm not as fluent in
debugging it.

ATM it looks like a race inside of the Cygwin DLL to me.  The checks if
a signal should be handled and the *creation* of the call to the signal
handler (but *not* the actual call to the signal handler) may occur
before the signal is blocked, while the call then occurs after the

Anyway, I'm not sure I have enough time to fully immerse into that
problem any time soon.  I'd be not too unhappy if somebody would try to
debug this in the Cygwin DLL, too...


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