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RE: mkpasswd doesn't recognize me

Hi, Brian,

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> From: [] On Behalf Of Brian Inglis
> Sent: Mittwoch, 23. August 2017 07:59
> To:
> Subject: Re: mkpasswd doesn't recognize me

> On 2017-08-22 23:27, Wiedmann, Jochen wrote:
> > in order to set my home directory correctly in /etc/passwd, I run
> >   mkpasswd | grep MYUSERID
> >   mkpasswd -d | grep MYUSERID
> >   mkpasswd -d -l | grep MYUSERID
> >   mkpasswd -l | grep MYUSERID
> > Neither of which returns any output.

> Run id and mkpasswd and see what they output for your account.
> Also run net user <account> and see what that outputs for your account:
> Full Name is the Windows logon alias for your account.

In the above order:

$ id


$ mkpasswd

Shows a long list of domain users, but doesn't include me. (This is what my original mail was all about.)

$ net user

Shows a short list of local (?) users, not including my account.


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