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Re: System crontab with username containing a space

On Thu, Aug 24, 2017 at 3:20 PM, Erik Soderquist wrote:
> I ran into a similar issue where I had a space in a mount, and I had
> to use some form of octal/hex encoding, but I no longer remember the
> exact details...
> I will try to reproduce this and see what I can find.

Well, I confirmed what I needed for the mounts was octal \040, so a
sample mount with a space would read:
/dev/device /mnt/dir\040with\040spaces/ ext4 default 0 0

and would mount under directory /mnt/dir with spaces/ correctly,
but so far I've been unable to get that working in cygwin's cron

however, to turn on full debugging of the cron daemon to /var/log/cron.log,
changing the service registry value for AppArgs from "-n" to
 "-n -x ext,sch,proc,pars,load,misc,test,bit" should give you every
scrap of logging available

I don't know if the failure on my machine is that it's corporate
policy controlled or I did something wrong or that cron doesn't use
\040 in the same way my mount test does.

-- Erik

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