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Re: Either trim quoted text or STOP BOTTOM POSTING

On 8/24/2017 8:36 PM, L A Walsh wrote:
> If you can't trim your quoted text, then please stop burying the
> new stuff on the bottom.

Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed.  I see from a google
search that you've had problems with style in the past even on this list.

> I've noticed it is most often bottom-poster who include all
> previous quotes -- and that's the worst -- having to WADE
> through EVERYTHING that came before, when EVERYONE on the
> list has already received it.  That's the rub: if you

List etiquette frowns on both bottom and top posting and warrants to
interleaving the replies.

> want to bottom-post, then trim what you are quoting to that
> which is necessary (and that's fine w/me).
> But if you are not good about trimming, then put the *IMPORTANT*
> stuff first (your NEW text).  That's write -- the most important
> thing in your email is what YOU are writing.  It should come
> first.  If you feel a need to quote large parts of the previous
> conversation, put it in an appendix -- because most people will
> have already received and read it.  Including it again is
> "superfluous", but that's why there are appendices.

What I'm replying to follows what I'm quoting to give context to the
reply.  My reply should never be more important that the reason for the
response.  Without the context of what I'm responding to there is no
reason to reply but I should create a new subject and thread.

> I DO pay attention to the subject BTW.

Well all and good but you hijacked a thread to bring home a point which
is in itself just wrong.

cyg Simple

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