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Re: convenient trimming of quoted text to make points

On 8/26/2017 2:04 AM, L A Walsh wrote:
> cyg Simple wrote:
>> On 8/24/2017 8:36 PM, L A Walsh wrote:
>>> If you can't trim your quoted text, then please stop burying the
>>> new stuff on the bottom.
>> Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed.  I see from a google
>> search that you've had problems with style in the past even on this list.
> Maybe I'm one of the few who has RSI and gets irritated by having
> to go through extra steps to skip large walls of text.

I don't know what RSI is.  I might guess it to be Residual Self Image or
Remotely Sensed Imagery. ;p

>> List etiquette frowns on both bottom and top posting and warrants to
>> interleaving the replies.
> ---
>    I know of no list where that is commonly practiced.

Every list including this one since before you began using email lists.
Interleaving began back in the days before the RFC for email standards
was created.  The fact that people misuse quoting doesn't change the
etiquette for using interleaving which most open source lists state to use.

>> Well all and good but you hijacked a thread to bring home a point which
>> is in itself just wrong.
> To selectively quote things in your reply to make your point is the
> problem here, since I replied to the original subject, extensively.
> It was you who deleted the "on-topic" part of the message to make
> your point.

No, you changed it, the client I use elided the (was: ...) portion since
it was no longer the subject to which I was responding.  And my context
to you did not include any of the original message.

cyg Simple

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