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Re: Strange errors with gcc and top, even after rebaseall writes:
> ok, then i need at work two 32bit versions, one for building software
> A and one for software B, and a 64bit version for working with Cygwin,
> e. g. locate, backups etc..

I guess I don't understand why you thoink you'd need two installations
for two build environments.

> For switching between the versions i use
> moving (renaming) the directories of the other versions and replacing
> them with junction points to the active version.

You do what?

> Is there a better way for switching?

Yes, how about not switching at all?  As long as you keep the PATH clean
so that these installations don't see each other there is no problem
having multiple versions of Cygwin active on the same machine.  If you
have daemons running then of course you need to set them up to use
different ports on each instance as well.

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