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Re: Aw: Re: Strange errors with gcc and top, even after rebaseall

On 8/26/2017 5:51 PM, wrote:
> Hi,
>> I guess I don't understand why you thoink you'd need two installations
>> for two build environments. 
> I have installed one Cygwin installation package from department A, for
> building software a, and another from department B and which has some
> tools which were developed here, for building software b.

You only need one Cygwin install and the self developed tools reside
within that install; I'll call Cygwin and your tools (TOOLS).  Your
source for each department is separated by projects.

You set your PATH to point to your TOOLS.  You change to a project
directory and issue the project build command (MAKE).  Once the project
is successfully built you create a package to deliver (MAKE package).

There may be reasons to have multiple environments of Cygwin but those
environments must be totally separate and the reasons should only be if
there are differences in the Cygwin environment that are required for a
specific job.  What you've presented doesn't appear to be a required reason.

cyg Simple

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