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[ANNOUNCEMENT] link-grammar 5.3.16-1

The following packages have been uploaded to the Cygwin distribution:

* link-grammar-5.3.16-1
* liblink-grammar5-5.3.16-1
* liblink-grammar-devel-5.3.16-1
* perl-clinkgrammar-5.3.16-1
* python2-linkgrammar-5.3.16-1
* python3-linkgrammar-5.3.16-1
* link-grammar-ady-5.3.16-1
* link-grammar-amy-5.3.16-1
* link-grammar-any-5.3.16-1
* link-grammar-ar-5.3.16-1
* link-grammar-de-5.3.16-1
* link-grammar-en-5.3.16-1
* link-grammar-fa-5.3.16-1
* link-grammar-he-5.3.16-1
* link-grammar-id-5.3.16-1
* link-grammar-kz-5.3.16-1
* link-grammar-lt-5.3.16-1
* link-grammar-ru-5.3.16-1
* link-grammar-tr-5.3.16-1
* link-grammar-vn-5.3.16-1

The Link Grammar Parser is a syntactic parser of natural languages, based 
on link grammar, an original theory of English syntax. Given a sentence, 
the system assigns to it a syntactic structure, which consists of a set of 
labeled links connecting pairs of words. The parser also produces a 
'constituent' representation of a sentence (showing noun phrases, verb 
phrases, etc.).

This is an update to the latest 5.3 release.


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