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Re: problem with paste-from-clipboard

On 2017-09-01 16:19, Steven Penny wrote:
> On Fri, 1 Sep 2017 09:42:12, Eric Blake wrote:
>> > I have problem with "paste-from-clipboard" in cygwin. In ~/.inputrc
>> file I have just this line:
>> > "\e[2~": paste-from-clipboard
>> >
>> > I start cygwin terminal (as C:\cyg64\bin\bash.exe --login -i), from
>> another (say, GUI) place I copy
>> > some text into clipboard and I try to include it with Insert key to
>> cygwin terminal. Nothing happend.
>> I still have not had time to try and reproduce this issue.  But a short
>> answer might be that the clipboard behaves differently on cygwin than on
>> other systems; it may be that your key-binding worked, but that bash's
>> attempt to read from the clipboard found no data.
> Sanity check - does this even work with Linux? I just tried it with Lubuntu, and
> it does not work either. Only the default Shift+Insert or Ctrl+Shift+V work.
> Lubuntu uses LXTerminal, with it you can do Edit, Preferences, Shortcuts and
> change the Ctrl+Shift+V to something else - not sure where Shift+Insert comes
> from - maybe readline?

Control-Insert, Shift-Delete, Shift-Insert may be from X-selection keystrokes in
the early days; Ctrl-C, Ctrl-X, Ctrl-V, Ctrl-Z may be from Xerox Alto or Star
window systems, and were used for clipboard operations on X window systems.
MS Windows took a lot of its early designs from Motif, so those keystrokes were
adopted and implemented at the window level, and are still available even when
the application does not support Copy, Cut, Paste; later when MS borrowed from
Apple, they adopted the Apple keystrokes for application supported operations,
including formatting and graphics.

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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