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Re: Extra CR symbol from backticks on Cygwin 2.9.0

On 09/11/2017 04:27 PM, Nikolay Melekhin wrote:
> I'd expect that Cygwin must remove CRLF symbols from backtick results,

You expected wrong - by default Cygwin does the same as Linux, which
does NOT remove CR from command substitution (only LF).

> but remove only LF symbol. It gets different results on Windows and
> Linux. Result on Windows has additional CR symbol and for example
> string comparision, which is working in Linux, fails in Windows.

It is NOT a bug in Cygwin, but in your failure to sanitize your input.
You'd get the same behavior on Linux if you pass in CR bytes.  That said,

> Is any kind of an option/setting which removes such CRs or it is a bug
> in Cygwin?

Read the release announcements: Cygwin bash DOES have an 'igncr' shell
option (set -o igncr) that does exactly what you are asking for - it
makes bash ignore CR characters in command substitutions and other places:

The option is not on by default, but exists because it is a common
desire when you can't be bothered to otherwise sanitize CR out of your
input stream.

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