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Re: The bash console exits in 2.9.0

On Sun, 10 Sep 2017 14:24:00, Achim Gratz wrote:
> Nick Popoff writes:
> > Maybe, you are already aware of this problem introduced in 2.9.0.  When I
> > say, for example:
> >
> > man ls
> >
> > The bash console just exits and 'less' stays running in memory until I kill
> > it.  This behavior completely disrupted everything I was doing.  The scripts
> > are with the same behavior seemingly when '&' is used to put the command in
> > background.  Thanks God, I had backups and restored 2.8.2.
> More specifically, this happens for programs started from a console
> window (cmd), but not when the same commands are run in mintty (the
> shell itself doesn't seem to have anything to do with it).

Perhaps this script will help in finding the bug ...

 - 2.9.0: "console is lost"
 - 2.8.2: ... works


(P.S. modifying /usr/bin/nroff accordingly will not make 'man ls' operate as

#! /bin/sh

# invoke like this: cat | ./

#case "`exec 2>/dev/null ; locale charmap`" in # as used in /usr/bin/nroff
case "`locale charmap`" in # ... works
UTF-8)  echo utf-8 ;;
*)      echo none ;;

echo Tada


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