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Re: Problem Compiling Source Code From Unix

Am 18.09.2017 um 17:13 schrieb Graham Laight via cygwin:
Hi Everyone,

I am trying to compile some SAT solvers, which all come as Unix source-code bundles. I have installed Cygwin at c:\cygwin, and added c:\cygwin\bin to my Windows path.

Unforturnately, that's already the point at which you strayed from the optimum path. Cygwin provides, to the best of everyone's ability, an entire Unix _environment_. And that means you'll usually have to enter that environment, not just pick things out of it from the outside.

In other words: no, the Cygwin bin directory should not usually be in your Windows PATH. It can be done that way with sufficient insight into the consequences, but you should stay away from that can of worms for now.

Lingeling came with the following instructions:

configure && make

Once I realised this translates to...

sh && make

Actually, no such translation would have been necessary. The general idea is that you would be doing this from inside the Cygwin console environment (i.e. click on that icon the installer created), and then such original Unix command lines will actually just work, without your needing to translate anything.

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