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Re: warnings starting "emacs"

Hi Ken,

thank you very much for your answer. Unfortunately, I still get the
same messages.

I've updated my system to the latest package versions and I use
Cygwin x86_64 on top of Windows 10. Unfortunately, I get some
warnings when a start "emacs".

PC26 cygwin64 26 emacs Cygwin.bat
PC26 cygwin64 27 libGL error: Screen is not Windows-DRI capable

Do you know why I now get a libGL error message that I didn't get before?

** (emacs:9112): WARNING **: Error retrieving accessibility bus address: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.

I often see this when I'm logged in as an Administrator.  I think it's harmless and can be ignored.

(emacs:9112): Gtk-WARNING **: gtk_window_parse_geometry() called on a window with no visible children; the window should be set up before gtk_window_parse_geometry() is called.

This can also be ignored.  I think it's been fixed upstream.

(emacs:9112): GdkPixbuf-WARNING **: Error loading XPM image loader: Image type 'xpm' is not supported

This one I haven't seen.  Do you have libXpm4 installed?

I've installed all libXpm4 packages, but they didn't change anything.
Can I do anything else to avoid the confusing error and warning messages?

Best regards


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