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Re: Segmentation fault with binutils 2.28.1

On Tue, 3 Oct 2017 14:37:04, Marco Atzeri wrote:
you wrote nothing at all. So it is difficult to understand what is your exact

I wrote it 4 times:


Here though, let me write it 5 now:

   $ cat z.cpp
   #include <iostream>
   main() {
     std::cout << "cout test\n";

   $ x86_64-w64-mingw32-g++ -static -o z z.cpp

   $ ./z
   Segmentation fault

as in the past you blamed the compiler.

Yes, I discovered new information, so I modified the email subject to reflect
that. Would you rather me continue to blame the complier, or try to help
diagnose the problem?

Error report should be clear and complete;

Example above is MCVE

only links to other place are not enough.

See above - also notice carefully that example was included in my previous post
as well

I saw the comment from Martchus
"Note that when I had been using mingw-w64-binutils 2.28 (before recent update to 2.29) I didn't encounter this issue. I never tried 2.28.1."

So it does not seem an issue specif of 2.28

No one but you has said that 2.28 has a problem. What Martchus actually said

- 2.28   working
- 2.28.1 never tried
- 2.29   working

Have you built it ?


Or are you only asking Jon to dedicate his time ?

Hm. Last I checked I have already made at least 10 posts on this issue:


Maybe your sense of time is distorted.

Last time I had issue with cygwin binutils 2.25, I built the 2.28.90
and I verified that was solving the issue I saw.
I was not just expecting Jon to debug it alone.

Good for you, but I dont have to build anything to verify the issue - I narrowed
the problem to a single package, and tested with "Test" and "Current" versions.
"Current" works - "Test" fails.

So we could patch "Test", but since a newer version is already available (2.29),
the sane thing to do would be to just upload a newer test version and probably
bypass the problem altogether. If you want to waste your time making a build in
this case that is your business, but dont put that bad advice off on me when I
have already diagnosed the problem.

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