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[ANNOUNCEMENT] gdb-7.12.1-1 (TEST)

The following package has been updated in the Cygwin distribution:

* gdb-7.12.1-1

The GNU debugger allows you to debug programs written in C, C++, and other languages, by executing them in a controlled fashion and printing their data.

This is an update to the latest upstream version. See the /usr/share/doc/gdb/NEWS file for a list of user-visible changes.

In addition, it contains the following patches carried forward from the previous Cygwin package:

* Teach the demangler to deal with '@'-decorated __stdcall functions
* Various fixes for Cygwin signal handling
* (experimental) Teach gdb how to unwind frames for the Cygwin signal delivery wrapper functions _sigbe and sigdelayed
* Warn rather than stopping with an error if realpath() for a DLL fails
(Tim Chick)
* Fix a memory leak which would occur in the case when the result of realpath() is greater than or equal to SO_NAME_MAX_PATH_SIZE (Corinna Vinschen)
* Fix inferior stopping with SIGTTIN, if it tries to read from the
terminal after it has been continued

Also, the packaging has been adjusted so gdb is linked with the system zlib, rather than using a bundled zlib.

525b628b9fa688619e7c4c040e30b1d0225a06da2f96a7a13f7a2e2a7191b07cf187a9713620b8871f74af7a836073f2147a142a2b5eab77fa8fb82b7fbf785e *gdb-7.12.1-1-src.tar.xz 8934e35b92066b9a02ba54e2122d446138b640065e83f9dcf643cc781a5c86bb74177d40656032c2fb5c149899bfc9c0c25919ae5c21d03694c9c38918f87961 *gdb-7.12.1-1.tar.xz 72558f41380c694ea2833c89970955ce0b16ed31cef2d4c4ec95ab866fd4a1b01d135bd04030005c62c25ea708fc00e16442ad2a71b34d628391972466740fc4 *gdb-debuginfo-7.12.1-1.tar.xz

c7ae16ecbe425cd645197d652d5991d509f5792036d9f138585707f98172ed3403467e0e9e84bc8008ef70b7ff623bb4d2ad74e9a37b1b528171b64689cf2d60 *gdb-7.12.1-1-src.tar.xz cf29bd0bb85a40ccb7a0f9fa62037e11c95b5250ec977e8123902793694af1d05e1edcf5b976c50db0fc3bcf77a2089b071f6b0bfdbacb9f64ba170a8ecc7401 *gdb-7.12.1-1.tar.xz 7b3029153656373ba66afac9f88af414b95316f2daf935c0b3a06f560d92396eb205d4c16e86a95c1c8b953113fe78e770ae9e3d530a76c54f532174a6ef0c88 *gdb-debuginfo-7.12.1-1.tar.xz

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