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Welcome to my community at VLSI SYSTEM DESIGN!!

My name is Kunal Ghosh, I am a growth hacker and co-founder at VLSI SYSTEM DESIGN (VSD)

As a 'Growth Hacker', I intend to help students/professionals build their profile even stronger in semiconductors and VLSI, by creating courses at every possible domain in Back end. The experiments which I perform in VSD courses using open-source EDA tools, are of similar complexity of current chip design industry. Till date I have nurtured
around 10000+ students and professionals through videos and many of them have been placed or moved to leading semiconductor industries. I have been doing this part time for past 7 years, and now doing this full time
 at VSD. Happy Learning!!

Here's the link to all my ebooks released till now..Download them for FREE

Tri-state buffer characterization:

On-chip Variation:

Channel connected component (CCC):

Maze Routing:

Regular buffer v/s clock buffer:

Few more static power:

Propagated noise:


Industrial Physical design flow (my IITB college notes which helped me get into my first job)

Clock gating analysis:

SPEF parasitic format explained in detail:

Now, to be really successful in the field of VLSI and Semiconductors, you need to take the courses in below order:
1) VSD - Physical design flow
2) VSD - Clock tree synthesis - Part 1 & 2
3) VSD - Signal Integrity
4) VSD - Static timing analysis - Part 1 & 2 (Can be taken in between)
5) VSD - Circuit design and SPICE simulations Part 1 & Part 2
(This is the core of VLSI, so you can take it in beginning or end)
6) VLSI - Essential concepts and detailed interview guide (This course is a glimpse of all above courses, but for details of each topic, you need to take course 1) to 5).)
7) VSD - Custom Layout (Can be taken in between)

Connect with me for more guidance:
Hope you enjoy the session best of luck for future !!

Outer Ring Road
Bangalore Karnataka 560037

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