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Re: setup graphical chooser : how to list orphaned packages ?


I launched setup with the --delete-orphans option. Next the graphical chooser still show a package into the "obsolete" category after I unselected the "hide obsolete" check-box. This package was not marked for removal.

Therefore it seems that "--delete-orphans" option doesn't handle the same packages than the "obsolete" category.

Are "orphans" and "obsolete" 2 different things ?

Le 07/10/2017 à 09:50, Ken Brown a écrit :
If a package is orphaned, then setup has no information about what category it was in when it was installed.

Then maybe would it be more intuitive to select "orphaned" into the view/filter selector (top of the graphical chooser)

Orphaned packages are not important enough for that.

instead of creating a virtual category which isn't actually a category ?

The category view is supposed to list all packages, arranged by category.  There has to be some place in that view to list the packages with unknown category.

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