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Re: Which is it -pc- or -unknown-

On 10/19/2017 11:04 AM, Yaakov Selkowitz wrote:
> On 2017-10-19 08:25, cyg Simple wrote:
>> On 10/18/2017 7:26 PM, Steven Penny wrote:
>>> On Wed, 18 Oct 2017 08:45:11, Marco Atzeri wrote:
>>>> For a regex pattern you should include both.
>>>> I do not bore which one is built and distributed on my packages.
>>>> E.G. on octave
>>>> /usr/lib/octave/site/oct/i686-pc-cygwin
>>>> /usr/lib/octave/site/oct/x86_64-unknown-cygwin
>>> This is certainly not right. I can understand that we will have some
>>> discrepancies across packages, but having a different vendor in the same
>>> package
>>> is unacceptable. It suggests that x86_64-unknown-cygwin and i686-pc-cygwin
>>> differ in more ways that one, which they dont. you let it slide, then
>>> people
>>> start asking:
>> I can live with the historical i*-pc-cygwin mishap.
>>> - where is x86_64-pc-cygwin?
>> This I cannot live with and the package maintainers need to target
>> x86_64-unknown-cygwin instead.  GCC has a target build of
>> x86_64-pc-cygwin, it needs corrected!
> We've been building packages for 64-bit Cygwin for years now without a
> problem.  Maybe you could just tell what you're trying to do and the
> problem you're seeing so that we can assist you, instead of this
> circular discussion of a nonexistent problem.

And I've used the products for years as well, that doesn't make the
product without fallacies.  It is either that config.guess is wrong and
the guess should be x86_64-pc-cygwin or the maintainers are wrong and
should provide host/target for x86_64-unknown-cygwin.  It is that
simple.  It has nothing to do with what I was trying to do when I
discovered the issue; it is an issue.

The scenario occurred when I was trying to configure a package and that
package was refusing to accept the config.guess build triplet.  So I
decided to do

cyg=`/path/to/config.guess`; ./configure --host=$cyg --build=$cyg

The configure couldn't find x86_64-unknown-cygwin-gcc.  When I looked in
/usr/bin I found x86_64-pc-cygwin-gcc instead!!  So which is it, it
cannot be both!

cyg Simple

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