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Re: Which is it -pc- or -unknown-

On Sat, 21 Oct 2017 16:17:13, cyg Simple wrote:
5 sec * 2300 packages = 11,500 sec
11,500 sec is 3.19 hours

> Which in a build like FFmpeg or similar, is statistically 0.
1 package once in a while doesn't matter.

> So perhaps you have some data to show a non-trivial amount of time saved
> that
> would make this worth it?

3.19 hours * many builds is equal to days and weeks.

The 5 sec is your guess, probably less but ...  Minutia ends up being
quite a large sum when you repeat a process over and over.

The 2300 packages is a round of the number of packages Yaakov supports.

I was wondering when your side of the discussion would finally fail, and here
we have it.

1. You have provided no concrete examples, just some numbers pulled out of the
  air. Look, I can do that too! 5 sec * 1,000,000 packages = 5,000,000 sec!

2. You specifically mention Yaakav, and you are right, he above probably anyone
  would have the most incentive to see this "fixed". However he has made it
  vividly clear that this "patch" (im quoting because you have also failed to
  produce one so far) isnt need and wont be accepted even if you wrote it.

Good day.

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