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Re: Cygwin alongside WSL

On 10/23/2017 10:02 AM, Andrey Repin wrote:
> Greetings, KARL BOTTS!
>> Does anybody have any concrete experience using Windows Subsystem for Linux
>> (hence WSL) on the same machine, alongside Cygwin?
> If you have any specific question - ask it.
> Asking a yes-or-no question doesn't add to the knowledge, and essentially
> boils down to "may I ask a question?"
> Yes, you may ask a question.
If you've watched gcc test results, you will have noticed that I have
been posting results for both cygwin and WSL since WSL first became
capable (occasionally) of running those tests.  My WSL results are
generally on an older box which is better able to run WSL than the newer
one, however it requires running external memory recovery more
frequently than cygwin does, and lately has been dying frequently anyway
in gfortran testsuite.    I haven't seen a feasible way to install WSL
other than with the Ubuntu.
Gcc attempts (unsuccessfully) to build and test cilkplus on WSL.  On
cygwin, there are major unsupported facilities (e.g. gstabs) which
produce hundreds of failures.  Although those 2 examples might
eventually be removed as being unworthy of support, it may be considered
that neither target is sufficiently popular with developers to see
support on the level of linux.

Tim Prince

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