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>>>>No, no, we need this to be legit.  This should be treated as a contracted feature by passionate customers and handled by Ubnt.   We need Ubnt to accept the money and then pay the programmer overtime (since they apparently don't see the feature important enough to spend normal time on) to add the feature permanently so that it will be updated and present in all future firmware updates.  And when firmware updates are done settings should remain as they do with other features.
>>>Twenty years ago, the paranoia that consumed cults like Heaven Gate existed on the margins of American society. Now it moved toward the center of the nation political life.
>>Elvis impressive vocal range and his technical ability made his voice an instrument that even opera singers have lined up to pay tribute to.
>Music tourism is becoming an increasingly big business. As you expect, Elvis is at the forefront of that industry.
>Ubnt team seem not to care to be fair they do have much bigger issues right now but not allowing a option that already in its core I don't understand before they said it needed a kernal upgrade and did not want to deal with it 5.6.3 has a new kernal so maybe 5.7 firmware will get it?? Airos 7 seems to be the new thing though 
 In this case, the client and server were unable to agree on the key exchange algorithm. The server offered only a single method diffie-hellman-group1-sha1. OpenSSH supports this method, but does not enable it by default because is weak and within theoretical range of the so-called Logjam attack.
The best resolution for these failures is to upgrade the software at the other end. OpenSSH only disables algorithms that we actively recommend against using because they are known to be weak. In some cases, this might not be immediately possible so you may need 

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