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Re: cygwin x86 setup issue:Can't connect to (null):80

On 26/10/2017 16:52, Fergus wrote:
.. we are using our internal cygwin mirror
.. when we setup x86-setup.exe .. it show download incomplete ..
I thought perhaps setup couldn't handle a nonstandard port ..

Not quite certain what is going on but something is, possibly related
to the latest recent up-versioning of the setup-x86 executable to

Since the OPs first mail about their problem (2017-10-15) pre-dates the release of setup 2.882 (2017-10-24), this seems unlikely unless OP is in possession of a time-machine.

Forever I have updated Cygwin using a Command Prompt window and the
typed command
setup-x86.exe -L D:\cyg -R D:\consoleX -gqnm
where the key switches are to update to the Cygwin provision located
at D:\consoleX from a local mirror located at D:\cyg.
(Previously I will have updated x86\setup.ini and x86\setup.ini.sig
and augmented x86\release\ so that everything is in place that is

I'm not sure what this means.

There should be no way for you to generate a valid setup.ini.sig (absent possession the Cygwin signing key, or using --no-verify, or using --pubkey to provide an additional key), assuming the setup validates that signature in --local-package-dir mode, which I think it should be.

This command now fails, but too early in the process for a logfile to
be commenced. Basically the locally-based installation procedure

Thanks for reporting this problem.  I can't reproduce it.

Perhaps running setup with --no-admin --verbose (so that logging is emitted to the terminal) might shed some light on things?

I changed the command to update conventionally from the internet and
everything worked properly: the update occurred without a glitch.

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