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Re: setup.ini has multiple "prev" entries ... Why?

On 2017-11-05 13:48, Houder wrote:
Hi John (Turney),

After I had downloaded and exercised setup version 2.882, I noticed
that setup.ini has multiple (2?) "prev" entries per package ...

Why? Did I miss one of your announcements mentioning this change?


Because of the way setup works, the last [test] section is the version which is selected when 'test' is selected, so a specific ordering of the sections
 would be required. ...

So, for example we could have:

@ foo
version: 250-0
version: 241-0
version: 243-0
version: 251-0
version: 252-0

So ... if I read the above correctly, the "prev" entries can be ordered
arbitrarily with respect to each other (within a package section) ?????

(and basically, the same question with respect to the "test" entries)

Meaning, one has to "interpret" the version id of each "prev" entry,

    in order to be able to establish the _latest_ "prev" entry (i.e. the
    version of the package before the current one) ?

Yes, the "prev" versions in your example are ordered incrementally, I can
see that ... (but, it is an example!)

However your message (preceding the example) only specifies an additional
requirement with respect to the "test" entries.



Snippet from setup.ini: (where the "test" entries are definitely NOT
 ordered "incrementally")

@ gdb
sdesc: "The GNU Debugger"
ldesc: "The GNU debugger, allows you to debug programs written in C, C++,
and other languages, by executing them in a controlled fashion
and printing their data."
category: Devel
requires: cygwin libexpat1 libgcc1 libiconv2 libintl8 liblzma5 libncursesw10 libreadline7 libstdc++6 python python2 zlib0
version: 7.10.1-1
install: x86_64/release/gdb/gdb-7.10.1-1.tar.xz 2670932 cd1fa152888faa3e4cb8e1d075604fb2e039d73acdd159d7c9553741fd7710778c742495c93476b234e3386d54bd5bdc5275007290b6eb940d70197feb21b573 source: x86_64/release/gdb/gdb-7.10.1-1-src.tar.xz 18542336 758428a83148af8425cff2712ac15d842f449d824f0edc9bb8db1d1d84bf963e2f371372d0c645408c202914ffb088a9da32be5a9b62a637a71f2fe9b7d4614f
version: 7.12.1-1
install: x86_64/release/gdb/gdb-7.12.1-1.tar.xz 2767496 cf29bd0bb85a40ccb7a0f9fa62037e11c95b5250ec977e8123902793694af1d05e1edcf5b976c50db0fc3bcf77a2089b071f6b0bfdbacb9f64ba170a8ecc7401 source: x86_64/release/gdb/gdb-7.12.1-1-src.tar.xz 19236576 c7ae16ecbe425cd645197d652d5991d509f5792036d9f138585707f98172ed3403467e0e9e84bc8008ef70b7ff623bb4d2ad74e9a37b1b528171b64689cf2d60
version: 7.11.1-2
install: x86_64/release/gdb/gdb-7.11.1-2.tar.xz 2671444 5e812ba3f5e3a0d4241286c273525d4097e3f329f8f7adc9262bc73d272a65d14a816dacb40808b522be32eb4213dd0f2e6c8a178f3d645ec36c1a1d62b44ea4 source: x86_64/release/gdb/gdb-7.11.1-2-src.tar.xz 18961848 b96f66c384e57172ed86e9078e8c3eb155afafdd9b26c6acb7b0b85c629d2571dde6f9ee6fed213c8b65817070f06f7ec41ad7024c3152a91115966624ca24db
version: 7.9.1-1
install: x86_64/release/gdb/gdb-7.9.1-1.tar.xz 2550148 f62f65865a11757b945f431a3662e16d0357dc9a0cbc720d16f5e99543cd3231f34bacd245daeb113ad38501358d9b1e7d128a1a45871d02c2bfb1c15891fbcb source: x86_64/release/gdb/gdb-7.9.1-1-src.tar.xz 17888340 b90d198404a0a16268b443f4a4ec9672dac1d531f3fbda848f807fee7c004f5394e1985253c64ab0cdc2dcf7c088645c60edbf8e9f39dce0f149bce4b11f5085
version: 7.12.1-2
install: x86_64/release/gdb/gdb-7.12.1-2.tar.xz 2753248 1b05a98a4435ee98a46d19b0d875f8e43f38fcf3ccf265e1c1e4b2539ee0026ff1ea19f6a20ffd21a2b51942e508114a9650ab15f01fb719fa2995bc233050ef source: x86_64/release/gdb/gdb-7.12.1-2-src.tar.xz 19238332 c8b5995246f2a736fa1df76c19c9cc488d2a28f87aea137fab18f5b743a369b4c410c5503dd49cfeb91fb1a64bb7672272d77283800154aa1c321fc932c809fd


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