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Re: setup's response to a "corrupt local copy"

On Fri, 15 Dec 2017 09:50:44, Vince Rice wrote:
It's my computer. I don't want setup (or anything else) replacing files on it
it doesn't know about without at least asking whether that's what I want it to
do. Setup's current behavior is exactly what it should be, IMO. If, as has
been mentioned, someone wants to offer an *option* to replace, either with or
without a question, then great. But the default should be to leave something
it doesn't know about alone.

Thankfully we dont need your opinion on this matter, as we can simply fall back
to facts, as I will now do. Let us bring some sanity to this thread, shall we?

Exhibit A
Package manager: APT
Reference distro: Lubuntu
Cache: /var/cache/apt

Exhibit B
Package manager: DNF
Reference distro: Fedora
Cache: /var/cache/dnf
Option: keepcache=True

Exhibit C
Package manager: ZYpp
Reference distro: Gecko LXQt
Cache: /var/cache/zypp
Option: --keep-packages

In all cases, these package managers remove invalid archives without warning.
Why should setup.exe be any different? I eagerly await your referenced and
reasoned rebuttal.


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