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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mintty 2.8.2

I have uploaded mintty 2.8.2 with the following changes:

Window and session control
  * Transparent session switcher icons (#699).
  * Avoid blocking when switching to other window which is blocked/suspended.
  * Prevent initial bogus font zooming (#708).
  * Prevent accidental text selection on mouse-click window activation (#717).
  * Terminal Break available in extended context menu (#716).
  * Terminal Break assignable to Break key (option Key_Break) (#716).

  * Support ~/ prefix for config files in SessionCommands configuration for session launcher.
  * Support ~/ prefix for logfiles, especially for usage in config files.
  * With --WSL, let option "-" request login shell.
  * Icon determined via --WSL shall not override icon taken from shortcut.
  * Option ShortLongOpts enables single-dash named options on command line (#600, requested by Brian Inglis).   * Convenience xterm-style command line options: -fn, -fs, -geometry, -fg, -bg, ...

Character rendering and text attribute handling
  * Caching ambiguous character width for speed-up (#712).
  * Revised weight attribute handling, esp. bold display (thanks to avih, #714, #710).   * Distinguishing ANSI colours 0..15 from palette colours 0..15 like xterm (~#714).
  * OSC 6 can enable/disable bold foreground colour (xterm).
  * Tweaked brightened bold to never decrease the text colour contrast.
  * Terminal Reset also resets dynamic bold foreground colour.
  * Fixed non-BMP italic display.
  * Proper support of true colour attribute for Copy as rich text (thanks to avih, #710).   * Colour setting sequence OSC 4 limited to the defined palette range (~#710).
  * Allowing minor font size deviation of bold font.
  * Underlay manual underline and overline behind text.
  * Option BoldAsRainbowSparkles.

  * Bundling selected theme files with the package (#711).
  * Support Alt+F2 in same directory (after OSC 7) for WSL.
  * MINTTY_PID in UserCommands: support to terminate foreground process (#716).
  * Fixed bug when copying true-colour text as rich text (thanks to avih).
  * Prevent HOME from being propagated back to Windows applications if called from WSL (mintty/wsltty#76).

The homepage is at
It also links to the issue tracker.


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