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Can't link to libpopt


I am trying to use libpopt but I can't link to it using -lpopt to gcc because libpopt.a doesn't exist in /lib or /usr/lib.

I have an up-to-date 64 bit installation and I have all of libpopt-common, libpopt-devel and libpopt0 installed at the current version 1.16.2.  In my /lib and /usr/lib directories I have libpopt.dll.a, but no libpopt.a, unlike, for example, libreadline, which has libreadline.a and libreadline.dll.a.

I can link successfully using -lpopt.dll however.  I presume, but can't seem to find any information, that linking against libThing.a and libThing.dll.a, where both are available, gives wither a static or dynamic link?

I always used to be able to link against libpopt.a, but I think that was always in an older 32bit installation, I may never have tried to build this program in the 64-bit environment.

Can anyone give me any pointers please?  Can I generate libpopt.a somehow?  Or should it really be there and there is an error in the cygwin package?


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