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(1) Trouble installing. (2) Huge desktop folder. (3) ConEmu. (4) Goodness, your instructions

Dear List (presuming I have worked out how to send to the list)

1) I had trouble installing Cygwin (on Windows 8.1 x64) because I
thought that the installation had finished when it had not. The reason
for my believing that, in turn, was this: an installation window was
hidden behind another window. I wonder whether other users are likely to
encounter or have encountered that problem. (I have Cygwin . . actually,
I can't tell what version I've got. But I downloaded it just now from
your website.)

2) A 100MB file has appeared on my desktop. Is this part of the
installation? You will understand that I do not want to leave the folder
there. What should I do, please?

3) Integration with the program 'ConEmu' is meant to happen
automatically, I believe. However, it has not happened automatically for
me and I do not know how to set up the integration.

4) Discovering how to send to the list was hard, involving as it did
reading through large web pages and splicing the relevant information
therein with information from the first e-mail I received from the list.
('How do I subscribe', I wondered? And: 'Am I subscribed?) Mutatis
mutandis for discovering how to do some other things. You should bear in
mind, it seems to me, that some people who wish to install your software
wish to use only basic functionality and do not want to spend a couple
of hours achieving it.



PS: My output from 'cygcheck -s -v -r > cygcheck.out' is at (I wasn't expecting a home folder to be
created in my Windows user directory, so it took me a while to find that
output file.)

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