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Re: question about running a linux-compat java prog under cygwin

On Wed, Feb 28, 2018 at 6:48 PM, L A Walsh <> wrote:
> Dunno much about java, so please try to not laugh too hard.
> I'm wanting to run the MegaRAID Storage Manager GUI on windows
> to manage a megaraid controller.
> I run the GUI on linux to manage my server's controller -- that works
> fine.
> Maybe I'm overthinking things, but thought running a posix compat
> java on windows might be most compatible.  It may be entirely
> unnecessary (?)  and maybe I should just try to run a native
> Java -- anyone know?
> IF I run under cygwin, is there a java engine that runs under cygwin?
> Or do people running on cygwin just use a windows native binary?
> Thanks!

Should be unnecessary. The manufacturer probably picked Java for its
cross-platform capabilities. The one sticking point is I see no way a
pure Java program can interact with a RAID controller, so I suspect
there is a platform-specific portion somewhere. If there is, Cygwin
can't run it for you, it would be an ELF format .so distributed by the
manufacturer. But they probably released versions for both platforms.
If there is a free version, they likely targetted both, or you may be
able to compile the necessary shared object under Cygwin.

Java for UI across systems is a good trick. Program the part that
matters, but has no GUI, in something else that you can compile for
the systems you need to support.


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