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Re: setup-x86_64.exe v2.889 doesn't select additionally downloaded packages when installing from local directory

On 2018-03-03 16:00, Robert Cohen wrote:
> Summary of problem:
> When installing Cygwin from a local directory, setup-x86_64.exe version 
> 2.889 doesn't list the packages that I additionally selected for download
> when previously downloading to that directory, and the top line of the GUI
> under Category view says "No packages found<->Default".
> Continuing the install only installs the packages preselected by setup.
> Details:
> To install a fresh version of Cygwin, I usually do this: Run
> setup-x86_64.exe using "Download Without Installing", select some additional
> packages, and then after everything finished, I rerun setup-x86_64.exe using
> "Install from Local Directory", and then the GUI, under Category view, shows
> "All <-> Default", beneath which is a hierarchical list including the
> packages preselected by setup along with the additional ones that I selected 
> when downloading.
>> Here's the problem: I performed the above process using today's version of >
> setup-x86_64.exe from, which according to setup.ini is setup
> version 2.889, and the "Download Without Installing" setup worked as
> expected. However, when I next did "Install from Local Directory" using that
> directory, instead of showing "All<->Default", it showed "No packages
> found<->Default", and only the packages preselected by setup were not going
> to be skipped. I tried changing "Default" to "Install" at the top level of
> the list, but that then selected everything for install, not just the
> preselected packages and the additional ones I had downloaded. I repeated
> this process using a few different mirror sites for the download phase, but
> that made no difference.>
> Interestingly, if I copy an older version of setup-x86_64.exe into my 
> already-downloaded directory, e.g. setup-x86_64.exe version 2.880, the GUI is
> able to find the selected packages that I had already downloaded using setup
> version 2.889, after of course giving a few warnings about the current ini
> file being from a newer version of setup. In other words, if I download using
> setup v2.889, then when subsequently installing from that directory, setup
> v2.889 doesn't know what additional packages I had selected, whereas setup
> v2.880 does know.>
> I'm wondering if I'm not doing something correctly, or if there is an issue 
> with version 2.889 of setup-x86_64.exe not finding packages that were
> additionally selected for download.
> Version details:
> The  beginning of setup.ini in my download directory includes this:
> release: cygwin
> arch: x86_64
> setup-timestamp: 1519974241
> setup-version: 2.889
> This was done on Windows 10 pro, using  setup-x86_64.exe v2.889 downloaded
> on March 3, 2018 UTC from, which currently indicates that the most recent
> version of the Cygwin DLL is 2.10.0.

What's shown when you do:
	> dir <CYGWIN-ROOT>\etc\setup\installed.db
	$ wc /etc/setup/installed.db

May need a new setup selection for all downloaded/cached packages, unless there
is another way to select these, which the previous release used by default.

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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