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Another setup v2.889 regression?


Because there are problems with setup v2.889, I decided to do
some testing of my own.

I started out with empty directories for the repo (a.k.a. the
Local Directory?) and the root directory ...

After having downloaded and installed the "required" packages,
I again started setup (3rd time and 4th time) to download and
install "cscope" (yes, one of the packages).

Then I started setup for the 5th time (download): it reported
"nothing to install".

When I started setup for the 6th time (install), it wanted to
replace cscope (v15.8b-1)  with an older version (

From /var/log/setup.log:

2018/03/04 15:35:04 Starting cygwin install, version 2.889
2018/03/04 15:35:04 User has backup/restore rights
2018/03/04 15:35:04 Current Directory: e:/_cygwin64_repository-test
2018/03/04 15:35:04 Could not open service McShield for query, start and stop. McAfee may not be installed, or we don't have access.
2018/03/04 15:35:15 source: from local dir
2018/03/04 15:35:17 root: e:\Cygwin64-test system
2018/03/04 15:35:18 Selected local directory: e:/_cygwin64_repository-test
2018/03/04 15:35:20 solving: 0 tasks, update: yes, use test packages: no
2018/03/04 15:35:20 Augmented Transaction List:
2018/03/04 15:35:20 0 install cscope 2018/03/04 15:35:20 1 erase cscope 15.8b-1

From override.hint on the "Twente" mirror:

curr: 15.8b-1

As far as understand, setup should attempt to install v15.8b1
in case v15.8.0.1-2 is installed.

Not the other way around. (currently v15.8b-1 in installed).


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