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Another setup v2.889 regression? Again ...

On 2018-03-04 16:11, Houder wrote:

Because there are problems with setup v2.889, I decided to do
some testing of my own.

I started out with empty directories for the repo (a.k.a. the
Local Directory?) and the root directory ...

After having downloaded and installed the "required" packages,
I again started setup (3rd time and 4th time) to download and
install "cscope" (yes, one of the packages).

Then I started setup for the 5th time (download): it reported
"nothing to install".


I repeated the whole process and this time setup wants to download
v15.8.0.1-2 (i.e. the older version which it should not download).

Being surprised, I went backwards (GUI) and forward again, and after
that setup had again changed its mind (again "nothing to install").

Aborting setup and starting setup anew, it again wants to download
the previous version of cscope ... which I declined.

Btw, if setup is started in "install mode" after the above, it wants
to install the previous version of cscope (which it is not there).

Continuing the install results in UNstalling cscope (v15.8b-1).

When I started setup for the 6th time (install), it wanted to
replace cscope (v15.8b-1)  with an older version (

From /var/log/setup.log:

2018/03/04 15:35:04 Starting cygwin install, version 2.889
2018/03/04 15:35:04 User has backup/restore rights
2018/03/04 15:35:04 Current Directory: e:/_cygwin64_repository-test
2018/03/04 15:35:04 Could not open service McShield for query, start
and stop. McAfee may not be installed, or we don't have access.
2018/03/04 15:35:15 source: from local dir
2018/03/04 15:35:17 root: e:\Cygwin64-test system
2018/03/04 15:35:18 Selected local directory: e:/_cygwin64_repository-test 2018/03/04 15:35:20 solving: 0 tasks, update: yes, use test packages: no
2018/03/04 15:35:20 Augmented Transaction List:
2018/03/04 15:35:20    0 install
2018/03/04 15:35:20    1   erase
   cscope             15.8b-1

From override.hint on the "Twente" mirror:

curr: 15.8b-1

As far as understand, setup should attempt to install v15.8b1
in case v15.8.0.1-2 is installed.

Not the other way around. (currently v15.8b-1 in installed).


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