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Add emacs build with LUCID X toolkit ?

I often painstakingly work on my build of emacs and never look back, praying to never come back, but then I get some annoyances such as vfork issues I can't fix. I will go further on this in a different post.

So, if there's anyone related to the Cygwin's emacs package, pretty please change the widget choice from gtk to lucid / athena, it adds a lot more power to emacs. Otherwise, every time you close the X Server, emacs running in server mode will crash due to a longstanding gtk bug when X display is disconnected. Emacs even outputs a friendly last message with a link to the bug before crashing.

Emacs folks tend to have an eternal emacs server instance running on their PCs that often / can endure killing the Windows console session and then resuming it at your next logon or just keep the fun via ssh. We can't do this with Cygwin's emacs package, so it needs to build emacs yourself. Maybe add a new emacs-lucid package ? And really I guess most emacs users just remove tool-bars, menu-bars, scroll-bars first thing in their config file and use the keyboard. Thanks!

Same request to Fedora:

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