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Re: sed seems to force UC filename on Mixed 8.3 filenames on FAT32

On Mar  5 12:05, Michel LaBarre wrote:
> > From: [] On
> > Behalf Of Corinna Vinschen
> > On Mar  5 11:42, Michel LaBarre wrote:
> > > I have the same build 16299.248 and I get the same behaviour.
> > > Perhaps consider:
> > > for parameters to experiment with.  You can use fsutil to control some of
> > these to avoid direct registry modifications.
> > > I expect it is more subtle otherwise the pervasive nature of the flags would
> > mean that any file creation would result in UC names, not just dos2unix.
> > > i.e. ls > Foo.txt should produce FOO.TXT
> > 
> > Maybne something with overwriting existung files?  What if you call
> > `ls > Foo.txt' twice in a row?
> > 
> Nope - that works ok.  (BTW - you were fast on the reply!)
> I did try:
> 	E:\>dos2unix -n Zot.txt Foo.txt
> 	dos2unix: converting file Zot.txt to file Foo.txt in Unix format...
> 	E:\>ls
> 	 Foo.txt    Zot.txt
> I thought using -n might suffice as a quick workaround for Fergus so I tried:
> 	E:\>dos2unix -n Zot.txt Zot.txt
> 	dos2unix: converting file Zot.txt to file Zot.txt in Unix format...
> 	E:\>ls
> 	 Foo.txt  ZOT.TXT

But `mv ZOT.TXT Zot.txt' works?

Can you strace this like this after renaming the file back to Zot.txt

  $ strace -o d2u.trace dos2unix -n Zot.txt Zot.txt

and send the d2u.trace file to this list?


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