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NITA Approved Trainers - No. TRN/1383

The Advanced Front Desk Professionals Seminar


I earnestly invite your organisation to this MUST attend Front Office training seminar.

This workshop will give your front office team easy to implement front office techniques delivered in a highly motivating style.  This special 2 days will ABSOLUTELY change the culture of their practice and they will return more knowledgeable and ready to perform as 'Front Office Megastars'.
This transformative program will give front desk staff the powerful tools they need to handle the difficult challenges that go hand in hand with their important job!

We understand the front desk staff position is often anything but easy. They are handling telephone calls, emails, late appointments and missed appointments, cancellations, downtime, payments & demanding customers.  The list can go on and on.

Venue: The Kenya School of Monetary Studies

Dates:  29th-30th March, 2018

Course Fee: Ksh. 28,200 inclusive of 2 days attendance, meals, seminar kit and taxes.

Payment and Discount Scheme: 
Package of 3 Delegates + 1 Free

Target Audience: 

Executive Assistants, Administrative Assistants, Receptionists, Front Desk Staff, Telephonists, Switchboard Operators, Personal Assistants, Customer Service/Care Centre Staff


Course Overview
Several phone lines are ringing, lights on the phone are blinking, coworkers are asking questions, and here comes a customer or client. How does the person manning the front desk of an office handle several people simultaneously with professionalism and poise? This fast-paced course is specifically designed to answer this and other important questions for those who work as an organization’s first-impression representative at the front desk. In addition to learning the elements of effective verbal and visual communication, participants will find out how to expertly satisfy even the most demanding, difficult visitors without jeopardizing their performance.

Program Objectives

At the program’s conclusion, participants should be able to:

The following outline highlights some of the course’s key learning points.

Workshop Outline

Best Foot Forward: Features of a Professional Image

In this introductory discussion, participants will discuss the components that make for a first-class impression. Using an array of visual examples, the facilitator will help participants discover both obvious and subtle signals front-desk employees give before saying a single word when encountering others. By examining the outward signs of those with a polished presence, they will have a better sense of steps they can take immediately to create a professional image for themselves and their organization.


One Step Back: What Will Ruin the Image?

In this part of the workshop, participants will learn the behaviors and habits that can destroy not only their image but that of their organization. They will see how body language, mannerisms, appearance, and personal grooming considerations can enhance or destroy their credibility. Also, they will see the physical space they occupy at work is an important part of their image that should not be neglected. We will also discuss techniques and tools for clearing and organizing desk space, managing paper, and maintaining a professional environment. 


Whose Line Is It Anyway? : Taking and Making Calls like a Pro

As important as it is to project professionalism in person, it is just as important to do so over the telephone. In this seminar segment, participants will learn how to convey a positive image over the phone by using appropriate greetings that are warm and welcoming. They will find out ways to put callers on hold politely and learn alternatives to keeping them on hold indefinitely. The facilitator will also share strategies for taking messages quickly and accurately, transferring calls with ease and grace, and ending calls with overly talkative callers without appearing abrupt or rude.


Beyond Words: What the Body Says

Posture, arm placement, hand gestures, and facial features speak volumes even when people are silent. Being aware of their own body signals and knowing how to “read” those that others send will contribute to both improved personal image and better customer service. In this portion of the workshop, participants will complete their discussion of communication techniques by learning how to interpret body language in themselves and others. 


Security Concerns: Staying Safe at the Front

The front desk is just that, the front. In this part of the program, we will explore the importance of being not only courteous but cautious too. During this segment, we will talk about security, surprises, and what to do if and when the unexpected should occur.


Grace under Pressure: Handling Difficult People with Diplomacy and Tact

The mark of true professionalism in front-desk representatives is their ability to deal effectively with problematic visitors without losing patience or dignity. Remaining professional with those who don’t return the courtesy requires special skill and remarkable self-control. At this point in the program, we will explore tactful, polite, and safe ways for handling visitors who have no appointments, those who are angry and impatient, those who hover and other characters that present a challenge. 

By the conclusion of this interactive program, participants should have a better grasp of skills and behaviors the should exhibit to run a friendly, efficient, and safe front desk




“Thumbs up! Your resource speaker is the best. She's one of those people who work and enjoy at the same time. Her energy is contagious.”

--- Concilia Barasa, Kenya Power


“Well presented and discussed. A very good seminar.”

--- Margaret Mwasi, Kenya Ports Authority


“It was great attending this training. I am now confident to handle in-house events in Subaru Kenya. I will definitely attend more of your trainings.”

--- Irene Njoka, Subaru Kenya


“For someone who has no front office background, it's amazing that I am able to understand the lesson very well. I have gained the basic knowledge required.”

Marion Oloo, FEU-East Africa College 


“I've been in a lot of seminars, but this is the first time I really participated in the discussions. For sure, I'll be able to apply everything I acquired from this seminar.”

Mary Kimani Thuo, Insular Life



 Do you have a number of staff who would benefit from this course? For confirmation of participation, please submit name(s) of your nominee(s) to

Your Investment will cater for
; Presentation, Facilitator fees, Soft Copy of Training Materials (videos & manuals), Certificate of participation, Lunch & Refreshments.


Other Upcoming Event:-

Marketing for Non-Marketers Seminar, 28-30 March, 2018 at Sarova Whitesands Mombasa


Happy to be at your esteemed service,


Delight Africa Ltd,

Dev Towers - 4th Floor, Suite 4A

Biashara Street, CBD Nairobi

P.O. Box 12269 - 00100, Nairobi Kenya

Land line: +254 722 533 771  Mobile : +254 700 221 221

Fax : 020 222 54 39

WhatsApp : +254 729 236 920
*‘**Promoting Professionalism in Corporate Training**’

NITA Approved Trainers - No. TRN/1383

Front Desk Sem, Dev Towers, Biashara Street, Nairobi, Nairobi City CBD, 20502, Kenya


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