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Eclipse running on debian with remote display to cygwin X11 starts all squashed to a point

Here's what I do:
 - Start cygwin XLaunch for the Windows 10 desktop
   - Select "Multiple windows"
   - Launch the lxterminal locally
 - In an lxterminal tab do the command
    ssh -Y myhost.mydomain.lan
 - In the ssh session give the command

What happens is that:
 1. First the banner starts and displays normally
 2. Then a window shows up squashed to a point, there is an eclipse icon
    (possibly intended for the toolbar) near the point, but it can't be
 3. It's not possible to stretch or resize the point
 4. I tried pressing the return to select the default in the workspace
    select dialog (which is the first dialog to open when eclipse is
    started normally)

I think the problem is with cygwin X and/or the way I'm running it,
because I have tried doing "ssh -Y " from a terminal window on the
debian computer's mate desktop to a different computer, and then doing a
new "ssh -Y" from the remote computer and back to the debian and then
started eclipse on the debian computer.  And that eclipse started
normally, running through two ssh X forwards.

Does anyone know what might be causing the eclipse display problem, and
what I can do to fix it?


- Steinar

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