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sshd: PID 2308: fatal: seteuid 1090146: Permission denied --> Login to domain server windows 2k12r2 not possible

Dear Cygwin Team,

login via ssh to cygwin on a domain server 2012r2 standardis not possible (see error in mail subject). The login is either with password, nor with publickey possible.
The package was created with cygwinsetup.exe v 2.877 (32bit) and works fine on every standalone servers. I have createt a setup batch file with the content below:

	c:\start\cygwin\setup.exe -q --local-install --root c:\cygwin -l c:\Start\cygwin
	cd C:\cygwin\bin  
	bash --login -c "ssh-host-config -y -c "tty ntsec" -u "cyg_server" -w "password" --privileged"  
	bash --login -c "mkdir .ssh"  
	bash --login -c "cp /cygdrive/c/Start/authorized_keys .ssh/authorized_keys"  
	bash --login -c "chmod 700 .ssh"
	bash --login -c "cygrunsrv -S sshd"
	bash --login -c "syslog-ng-config -y"
	bash --login -c "cygrunsrv -S syslog-ng"

The setup is always startet with the user "Administrator@domain" after joining the domain.
In my test-domain I have enabled the following user right assignement for the domain admin cyg_server:

* Act as part of the operating system
* Create a token object
* Log on as a batch job
* Log on as a service
* Repace a process level token
* Deny log on locally
* Deny logon through Remotedesktop Services


* ssh_config, sshd_config, original copy from the server
* ssh-ddd.txt is the output of the command "/usr/sbin/sshd -d -d -d"
* ssh-vvv.txt is the output of a login attempt to the server (usual Administrator@hostname), I have defined in .ssh/config (host * user Administrator)
* messages.txt is the output of a login attemt to the server from his syslog-ng log
* cygcheck

Sorry for my bad english, I hope it will get better.
Please help if you have any idea for me to get out of this desaster.

Best regards,


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