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Re: sshd: PID 2308: fatal: seteuid 1090146: Permission denied --> Login to domain server windows 2k12r2 not possible

Bernhard Finster writes:
> login via ssh to cygwin on a domain server 2012r2 standardis not
> possible (see error in mail subject). The login is either with
> password, nor with publickey possible.  The package was created with
> cygwinsetup.exe v 2.877 (32bit) and works fine on every standalone
> servers. I have createt a setup batch file with the content below:

Do yourself a favor and install a 64bit Cygwin.  For an unknown reason
and in unkown circumstances 32bit services apparently can't create
impersonation tokens, which would result in exactly the situation you
describe.  In this case you can still run the sshd as the user you wish
to log in as via ssh, which helps if it's only used for one single
account anyway.

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